Learn from Your Competitors’ Mistakes – Android App Success

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Learn from Your Competitors’ Mistakes – Android App Success Empty Learn from Your Competitors’ Mistakes – Android App Success

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:45 am

The bonus to Android app making is that the technology is open source, giving everyone the option to get their business mobile. As we know though, for every positive, there is a negative. In this case, with everyone having the opportunity to create apps, there can be a problem with system overload. Too many apps in the market can mean that your app will simply be lost among the masses, and the likelihood of Android app success will be limited.

How can you help your app stay afloat in a crowded app market?
You need your app to stand out above the rest. To understand how your app differs from other apps, and what makes it better than they are, you need to be rooting out all your competitor apps, and learning more about them. Researching the competition will give you a stronger understanding of how they work in the Android market.
How can you seek out your competition?
The first thing you need to do before you begin your research is to make a list of top Android markets that you want your app to be distributed to. Once you have a list of relevant app markets, you need to do the following:
Search each Android app market. Who is on the front page for your sector?
What keywords are bringing up apps similar to your app?
Are the apps free? If not, what do they cost?
What do the reviews say about the apps? This is important to understand what features app users are asking for, and what pitfalls there are.
How have your competitors described their app? How have they enticed people to download their app?
How is the market responding? (You can check compete.com and alexa.com for website numbers.)
What are the advantages to your app, and are they being clearly communicated to your market?
Now that you have the main set of information, use this to your advantage when you are writing your app’s description. You should be ensuring that you cover:
Your Android app’s unique selling point. What features does it have that aren’t available in the competition’s app?
How your app avoids the pitfalls that users complained about in the competition’s app. Remember, you should never mention or criticize your competition.
What you are doing is building up your app to be something that you have seen an app audience is looking for. Each app store will be different because the audience styles of each app store differs. Make sure you market your app according to the audience style of each app store. Listen to what people want and market accordingly


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